Friday, January 5, 2018

Sporting News: Why a bidding war for Eric Hosmer makes no sense

In the latest installment of baseball contracts destined to fail, the Padres and Royals seem committed to engage in a bidding war for free agent first baseman Eric Hosmer — a commodity likely to age poorly and ultimately become a disappointing investment.

Unless one is an impact reliever, the MLB free-agent signing period is moving like a glacier, which indicates teams are more than willing to wait out players anticipating elite contracts. Under the circumstances — spring training is less than six weeks away — it would seem the player would be the party getting antsy, but instead the Padres and Royals appear intent on overshooting the mark to sign Hosmer.

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SNY: 2018 Yankees expectations series

Below are links to my 2018 Yankees expectations series. The list will be continually updated.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Sporting News: Derek Jeter's short time as Marlin's exec has eroded his baseball reputation

Across 20 seasons as a player on baseball’s largest stage, Derek Jeter’s performance on the field and how he handled himself off it appeared innately effortless. But as a newly minted part-owner/executive/CEO with the Marlins, Jeter has come across as someone lacking an intrinsic business acumen.

Jeter has fired long-time popular staffers from all levels and departments within the Marlins organization — including a scout suffering from cancer — and is set to pare down payroll with the league’s reigning MVP, Giancarlo Stanton, the lead domino.

The moves have, at least temporarily, shaken his place atop the baseball pedestal and tarnished a public reputation that was previously near-flawless.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Sporting News: Players whose contracts will likely burden their new teams

MLB free-agent contracts tend to reflect past performance rather than future expectations. Teams must battle the alluring shine created by a player’s production history as they set their sights to improve their clubs via the high-priced, long-term free agent market.

Despite evolving models that balance the longevity of a player’s contract with a salary worthy of the anticipated production value, teams often fail to find an equilibrium. We will cover three players — a starting pitcher, a position player and a reliever — who may sign eight- or nine-figure contracts that will become a burden for their new clubs.

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