Monday, September 26, 2016

SNY: Yankees Minor League Report: Season wrapup

The New York Yankees made a surprising push to a potential playoff appearance in August and early September, only to fall back with an awful two-week stretch of play.

Meanwhile, the Yankees' farm system also provided some unpredictable results, as the organization's top five affiliates qualified for their league's postseason play, and included one league title.

This week we will recap the postseason results for each of the affiliates and provide the regular season statistics for the organization's Top 30 prospects, according to Our previous report indicated the final regular season records from each affiliate.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

SNY: Gary Sanchez importance to Yankees not defined by Rookie of the Year award

Individual awards are nice, but postseason appearances and sustained success matter more.

When the New York Yankees called up catching prospect Gary Sanchez, rest assured he was not looking to win individual awards. His goals were to prove he belonged and provide some energy to a team that was sleep-walking through the season.

Sanchez, 23, showed he was ready within days and the Yankees agreed by handing him the starting role over $85 million veteran catcher, Brian McCann. Sanchez has since hit 19 home runs faster than any player in MLB history, propelling him into a debate concerning his worthiness in the American League Rookie of the Year race.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

SNY: Mark Teixeira sees career come to grinding halt

Photo credit: Keith Allison
When New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira announced he would retire at the end of this season, the immediacy was startling, but the reasoning was sound. Teixeira could no longer "grind it out."

Teixeira spoke at length with Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal recently; the interview sheds light on Teixeira's thought process regarding retirement and a host of other topics. I'll delve into a few of these and posit a couple of questions of my own.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

SNY: Yankees must return to August blueprint going forward

In a matter of just over two weeks the New York Yankees thrust themselves into the heart of the playoff picture with a seven-game winning streak and then quickly plummeted from it, by losing seven out of eight games. With 13 games left on the schedule and a four-game deficit to overcome, what do the Yankees do from here?

In my view, the Yankees must return to the place they were on Aug. 1. At that time the club rightfully decided to focus on the future by dealing their best players and proceeded to call-up some of their best prospects over the subsequent days. The idea was to remain competitive, but provide some valuable experience for players the organization felt were a part of the future. What happened on the field was unexpected - a 17-11 month - and might be directly related to the one day at a time mentality the club possessed.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

SNY: Yankees' offense best chance for redemption against Red Sox

After a devastating loss to Boston on Thursday night, the Yankees have two rookies toeing the rubber, Luis Cessa and Bryan Mitchell, before CC Sabathia takes the mound in the series finale. The pitching, obviously important, is not where the Yankees have their best chance to return the favor to the Red Sox.

The Yankees entered the series needing to win three out of four to make a statement in the postseason race. Masahiro Tanaka's gritty effort should have resulted in one of the victories, but questionable bullpen management and Dellin Betances' performance created a hard to swallow two-game swing in the standings.

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