Thursday, July 2, 2020

IF there is an MLB season, it's OK to enjoy it

We have a lot to worry about with a global pandemic bearing down on us like a Gerrit Cole fastball. Each day seems worse than the last. Businesses are (re)shuttering, people continue to lose jobs and families mourn loved ones. Don't we need something to be be happy about?

Major League Baseball and the Major Leagues Baseball Players Association finally got their heads out of their collective asses and baseball's second run of the preseason (sorry, I can't call it Summer Camp) has begun. The marathon has become a sprint giving more teams a solid chance of winning this season's title. Whether you believe the 2020 MLB season is legitimate or not -- assuming it starts AND finishes -- why not just bask in it?

For the time being, forget the money grabbing owners and the players angling for the longterm. Just enjoy the game.

A runner on second base to start the 10th inning? If Billy Hamilton is on second base, won't it be cool that he can finally do some good?

60 games? That's 204 regular season games that Angel Hernandez and Joe West can't screw up.

Pitchers simply pitching? Thank you.

This season will be unlike any other and when it comes down to it, I'm just going to be happy to have something else to think about.

My business has been closed since mid-March, re-opening now twice delayed with no end in sight. My kids are ready to kick me and my wife out of the house. While the ins and outs of the politics that keep the business closed often confound me and I have a difficult time attempting to teach my children why there is systemic racism in the "Melting Pot," I have absolutely no problems talking baseball with them.

I need some levity in my life and I am sure the same goes for many others. If you enjoyed baseball before 2020, there is no reason why you shouldn't in 2020. Make baseball your release. Allow yourself to fade into another world.

Hell, the season will last just over three months and with a disjointed government response to a global pandemic, the COVID-19 shit show will still be here for us to lament when it is over. 

Dingers. Bat flips. Waving a runner home. Sword-swinging Ks. Robbed homers. Game-ending double plays.

There isn't much to take pleasure in right now; let baseball be that thing.