Monday, April 4, 2016

Quick Pitch: Yankees' Opening Day rained out

The New York Yankees 2016 Opening Day has been rained out and rescheduled for Tuesday at 1:05 p.m. Gates will open at 11:00 a.m. and ceremonies are still hoped to be held prior to game time.

Despite the fact that clubs (and governments and fans) invest hundreds of millions and up to billions of dollars to build ballparks, why in the world don't they all have roofs? At the point that such exorbitant funds are being invested, I simply do not understand why roofs are not part of the equation especially in areas like New York where April weather pretty much sucks. I gather the financial implications of losing games to rainouts do not amount to the need for a roof. OK, so then what?

The alternative of having the first week or two of games in warmer weather and/or stadiums with roofs is great in theory, but those clubs don't want to have that leveled on them every season. The reason? They won't get the gates for the second and third games of the series they would otherwise in the summer when kids are able to attend games. This is understandable, and brings me back to ALL new stadiums being built with retractable roofs.

It's too late now for some of the newer ballparks like Yankee Stadium, but maybe going forward having the ability to play EVERY game as scheduled would be a welcomed occurrence for the teams and the fans. It probably won't happen, but it is nice to dream.

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