Monday, August 10, 2015

Yankees weekend news wrap: Panic in the Bronx?

The New York Yankees had a chance to put some more space between them and the Toronto Blue Jays this past weekend, but unfortunately, all that happened was the Yanks getting completely humbled by their AL East foes in sweeping fashion.

The Bombers came in with a great home record (32-18) while the Blue Jays were a putrid 22-31 outside of Rogers Centre. Both clubs were expected to put up a lot of runs, and other than Saturday’s affair, each game was a pitcher’s duel. The Yanks lost those too, scoring just one run the entire series.

Believe it or not, there are some reasons precluding me (and should prohibit you) from panic.

The pitching held up

Nathan Eovaldi allowed just one run in six-plus innings after a rocky first inning, and Masahiro Tanaka allowed two solo home runs in six innings of work. Even Saturday’s starter, Ivan Nova, pitched well, shutting out the Blue Jays over the first five innings. He allowed a back-breaking grand slam in the sixth inning allowing David Price and company to coast the rest of the way.

Eovaldi and Tanaka (despite the bombs) held an offense in check that leads the majors in runs scored and came into the series on fire. There is something to be said about their performance under the pressure they pitched with.

Lots of time left; 10 more against Jays

I wrote Friday for SNY that while this series was important for both teams, there is a lot of season left to go. I don’t believe it is wise to entertain the thought that whatever happened in the series should dictate how the rest of the regular season will pan out.

The Yankees are certainly on notice that the Blue Jays have an improved rotation (and maybe the Yanks will want someone to throw some knuckleballs at them from time to time during BP) and bullpen. On the other hand, I suspect the Blue Jays do not expect the Yankees to score one run in each of the next series either. These things tend to balance out. The Yankees did not forget how to hit.

And as I’ve said multiple times already here and elsewhere, the Yankees and Blue Jays meet 10 more times this season. The race is far from over.

Peaks and valleys

Finally, while the last five games at Yankee Stadium have been the club’s worst offensively, EVER, according to Katie Sharp of River Ave. Blues, they’ll bounce out of it soon. Players have ups and downs; hopefully it doesn’t all happen at once. It did this weekend for the Yankees and it was costly. The Yanks can only hope that the upswing happens soon and they can carry it into Toronto next weekend. The way baseball rolls, it's a good guess things will balance out for the Yankees before long.

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