Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2015 MLB First-Year Player Draft Day Two: Yankees stay the course

For the New York Yankees, the 2015 MLB First-Year Player Draft has been mostly about finding experienced players from the college ranks hoping to grab individuals who might make a quick impact at the big league level. On Tuesday, during the draft’s second day, the Yankees stuck with the plan but did manage to select two high school players.

The Yankees’ third round pick, RHP Drew Finley, is one of the high school selections. He is the son of Los Angeles Dodgers vice president of amateur and international scouting, David Finley.

Yankees Rounds 3-10
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The younger Finley's fastball velocity sits in the 88-92 mph range, and he possesses one of the better breaking pitches in the draft. After watching a video of Finley via, he has a compact windup and looks completely balanced in his motion.

As far as position players, the Yankees began to move across the field, but they’ve come away with five pitchers (four collegiate, one high-school) in all through their first 10 picks. That is in agreement with what I suggested should be the Yankees’ methodology; simply because pitching is an area of need for the club.

Each of the pitchers has their own appeal, and in some respects, each of them, except maybe Finley, has a chance to make an early impression and advance quickly.

There is some intriguing power among the hitters selected Tuesday. Sixth-round pick Brandon Wagner (2B) slammed 22 home runs for Howard College this season. In the seventh round the Yankees turned to Jhalen Jackson (RF), who produced 20 homers for Florida Southern College. Ninth-round choice, Ryan Krill (1B), hit 13 home runs for Michigan State University. Again, since the Yankees selected some college players, they could begin higher up the chain and advance quicker than others taken from the high school or international ranks.

In the out of the box category, Donny Sands (3B), the Yankees second high school selection, explained that he used to hit pinto beans tossed by his mother in an effort to hone his swing, since he did not possess much in terms of materials growing up. The game included his mother pitching the beans to him and he needed to hit the beans without missing for a period of five minutes. If he missed, the clock started over. It worked as Sands intends to travel to Tampa Wednesday to sign his professional contract.

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Today’s rounds 11-40 will complete the draft which begins at noon EST. The Yankees next pick comes at No. 333. While the remaining picks in the draft become harder to project, there can be some diamonds in the rough. Let's see if the Yankees find any.

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