Friday, November 28, 2014

Yankees can wait on David Robertson

The New York Yankees have been more or less quiet this offseason while others in the American League East and around the rest of Major League Baseball have signed some top-flight free agents. As usual, this leaves some fans clamoring for the Bombers to make a move, and apparently one of the Yankees’ best beat reporters is getting itchy too.

Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News wrote a column Friday suggesting the Yankees need to sign David Robertson already. My view, what’s the rush?

I agree with Feinsand and countless others who feel that bringing back Robertson makes absolute sense. I also feel like the Yankees think the same thing. They’d have arguably one of the best 1-2 end-game duos in all of baseball for the next several seasons. Why the hesitation?

Much like I proclaimed where it concerned any Yankees’ response to the Boston Red Sox haul of Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval, the Yanks do not need to begin inking deals to counter their arch rivals. To be fair, Feinsand says he's impressed with the Yankees staying the course thus far.

In my opinion, the Yankees can financially tolerate letting a market produce for Robertson. As of now, the only team we know that has made an effort is the Houston Astros. Should the Yankees be worried about them?

Why should the Yankees fire the first salvo where it concerns Robertson? As Feinsand rightly says, money is not an issue for the Yankees.

"It can’t be money. The Yankees have plenty of that. They might not want to shell out nine-figure deals to the big free agents, but Robertson doesn’t fall into that category."

I look at it like this; since they have the money, why would they want to set the price? Let the Astros or some other team do it and then, if the Yanks truly want to keep Robertson around, they’ll beat it. I’d venture to guess not many teams would outbid the Yankees for a closer considering how easily they come and go around the league.

I also believe the Yankees would be just fine without Robertson, handing over the reigns to Dellin Betances. I don’t want this necessarily, but the Yankees are not going to lose an abundance of games because Robertson signs elsewhere. They'd still have a pretty solid bullpen, with some up an coming arms, and could pull the trigger on some lower cost relievers to fill set-up roles behind Betances if they’d like. I don't believe they'd need to answer with Andrew Miller or Luke Gregerson as Feinsand alludes to.

Feinsand implies that the Yankees letting Robertson go defies logic.

"The Yankees have watched Robertson blossom from 17th-round draft pick to All-Star setup man to stud closer. Now they’re going to let him walk away at the age of 29 as he enters his prime? It makes no sense."

It’s clear the Yankees consider it more important to handle other business before Robertson. They might have already spoken with him about this. I can picture general manager Brian Cashman saying something along the lines of this.

'We need to handle some other positions first, we want you to return but we will get to it in due time, when we know more about the rest of the roster.'

I think that’s fair.

In the end, Robertson knows the Yankees are going to be involved. Perhaps a team offers him a substantial deal that the Yankees simply do not want to match. If that happens it will not be the end of the world and it surely wouldn't have mattered if the Yankees made the first offer.

Christopher Carelli is a freelance sports writer and sports media strategist. His baseball commentary has also been published on Yahoo Sports, the FanSided network, Sportsideo and linked multiple times on MLB Trade Rumors’ Baseball Blogs Weigh In. He is a member of the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America, the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and the BYB Hub.