Thursday, November 20, 2014

Yankees are not screwing up Chase Headley negotiations

FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal pushed out a couple of tweets regarding the New York Yankees and their pursuit of free-agent third baseman Chase Headley. He was immediately tattooed with a balanced number of tweets in agreement and others opposing his statements.

Here are Rosenthal’s tweets.

Here is one from the folks at River Ave. Blues.

Look, both Rosenthal and the gang at RAB are top-notch at their craft. But I believe they are missing the boat here.

Just because the Yankees have not leaked info on any Headley negotiations, it doesn't mean they're not on top of the situation. I believe it is safe to assume Headley is wisely waiting for the bigger name in the third base market, Pablo Sandoval to make his decision. It doesn't take a rocket scientist folks, or a super-agent to figure this out.

Why would the Yankees want to establish the market here when they can let the San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox or Toronto Blue Jays do that with Sandoval?

And of course, the loser of Sandoval was always going to be in on Headley. Why wouldn’t they be? But, if the Yankees went out and made an outrageous offer to Headley, well north of the four years and $48 million that MLB Trade Rumors' Tim Dierkes suggested he could get, don’t they run the risk of missing the mark if Sandoval ends up staying within the market expected?

The Yankees are going to have to overpay to maintain Headley regardless in my opinion. To suggest the Yankees are not acting quickly enough here gives little respect to Headley’s (and his agent’s) intellect.

There is no rush for Headley, and certainly there isn’t for the Yankees since they are not involved in the Sandoval negotiations which are just beginning to unfold with offers submitted by the Giants and Red Sox in recent days.

Both sides in the Headley talks are wise to wait it out. If Headley decides to sign with one of the losers of the Sandoval sweepstakes it will not be because the Yankees were not aggressive enough in November.

Christopher Carelli is a freelance sports writer and sports media strategist. His baseball commentary has also been published on Yahoo Sports, the FanSided network, Sportsideo and linked multiple times on MLB Trade Rumors’ Baseball Blogs Weigh In. He is a member of the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America, the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and the BYB Hub.