Thursday, September 11, 2014

Paul George mindlessly defends Ray Rice’s actions on Twitter

Once again, a star athlete (on the court obviously not in the game of life) failed to think before taking to social media. Paul George, the Indiana Pacers’ injured small forward, tweeted the following defense of Ray Rice courtesy of The Huffington Post.

George, after fielding numerous replies which called him out, deleted the tweets and then posted this apology.

As is typical, here’s a person with a large following spewing nonsense and propagating idiotic comments about something they are not knowledgeable about, which then feeds their even more moronic followers with ammunition to continue to suggest Rice had a right to hit a woman, his then fiancée.

Maybe George should have used his time on the couch to read about domestic violence before formulating and then delivering a very hollow belief that the victim is the person at fault in domestic violence incidents.


Christopher Carelli is a freelance sports writer/editor and the Director of Content Strategy for Sportsideo.