Monday, September 8, 2014

New York Yankees: Jinx continues

The New York Yankees, like all MLB teams, conduct numerous promotional days to draw more fans to their ballparks. The 2014 Yankees have gone a step further this season by holding five separate days to honor a member of past/present teams. The Yankees record in such events fell to 1-4 Sunday as they were held scoreless by the Kansas City Royals 2-0 on Derek Jeter Day.

An ancillary benefit to these days should be getting the current players hyped up for the game. With previous success being celebrated, one might think the present Yankees would get up for such a game. Not so.

The Yankees previously lost on days honoring Tino Martinez (6-1 to Baltimore Orioles), Goose Gossage (8-0 to Orioles – note this was also Old-Timers’ Day) and Paul O’Neill (3-0 to Cleveland Indians). They were able to come away with a victory on Joe Torre Day (defeated the Chicago White Sox 5-3).

With yesterday’s shutout the Yankees have scored a minuscule six runs in five “this should light a fire in your butt” games. They were outscored, 22-6. Bravo!

It’s unfortunate that the general atmosphere of the stadium for these games was not enough to lift the Yankees to victory each time. Wins on those days would have put the Yankees at 77-64 and one-half game behind the Seattle Mariners in the race for the second wild card slot.

Just some more what-ifs to make Yankees fans continue to scratch their heads.

Christopher Carelli is a freelance sports writer/editor and the Director of Content Strategy for Sportsideo.