Monday, September 22, 2014

New York Yankees: Dare to dream?

The chances the New York Yankees reach the postseason in 2014 sits at a miserable 0.2 percent according to Baseball Prospectus with seven games left in the season.

Here is a look at each of the contenders’ schedules and what would need to shake out for the Yankees to nab the second wild card slot.

Oakland Athletics (85-70) – vs. L.A. Angels (3), @ Texas (4)
Kansas City Royals (84-70) – @ Cleveland (4*), @White Sox (4)
Seattle Mariners (83-72) – @ Toronto (4), vs. L.A. Angels (3)
Cleveland Indians (81-74) – vs. Kansas City (4), vs. Tampa Bay (3)

Dare to dream?

First, the Yankees would likely need to win each of their last seven games, giving them an 87-75 record for the season. I won't even look into the tie-breaker scenarios at this point.

That would mean the A’s would need to then lose at least six of their next seven or the Royals six of eight games for the Yankees to overtake either of them. You can see why the Yankees need to win out. One loss requires either the A’s to lose all of their remaining games or the Royals to lose seven of eight. Long shots indeed.

The Mariners would need to lose four out of seven and the Indians lose two out of seven.* Seattle has a tough schedule ahead of them. Toronto (who is mathematically still in it would have no chance of catching the Yankees if New York won its last seven games) is no slouch at Rogers Centre and the Angels might still be fighting for home field advantage with the Baltimore Orioles.

The Yankees can hope for the Indians to dominate the Royals in a four-game set but then falter against the Rays in their final three. That would further require the White Sox to split the four-game series with the Royals for the Yankees to have a shot.

The Bombers dug themselves this massive hole, failing to take advantage of poor play across the league over the last few weeks. If you believe it miracles, the Yankees reaching the 2014 postseason would take such a feat.

Dare to dream.

* Note: Cleveland leads K.C. 4-2 in the bottom of the 10th inning from a suspended game to be completed Monday prior to the first game of the three-game series.

Christopher Carelli is a freelance sports writer/editor and the Director of Content Strategy for Sportsideo.