Monday, July 28, 2014

Blame the Yankees’ offense, not Betances and Robertson

For the first time this season, New York Yankees' relievers Dellin Betances and David Robertson allowed runs to score in the same game. In a game the Yankees tied up three times, their ultra-reliable tandem let the Toronto Blue Jays re-take the lead.

To blame Betances and Robertson for the 5-4 loss is short-sighted. In fact, without Betances putting out fires and Robertson converting 26 of 28 save chances, the Yankees would be reeling at the bottom of the American League East.

The Yankees' offense once again failed to score more than four runs in a game. Sunday’s loss marked the 12th time in their last 14 games in which they were held to four or fewer runs. They have scored 10 or more runs TWICE this season; the last time coming Apr. 24 when they tallied 14 against the Red Sox.

As good as their starting pitching and the relief crew have been the Yankees’ offense ultimately and continuously fails to provide the arms with any room for error. Sure, they came back a few times Sunday, but never fully exploded and took over the lead. This was against J.A. Happ, Brett Cecil and rookie Aaron Sanchez folks; not exactly top-tier pitching.

So, while it is easy to look at Sunday’s disappointing loss and blame it on the most consistently productive members of the team, it’s really the dismal offense which should take the brunt of the culpability.

Because of this, the Yankee are rumored to be in the mix for another bat – Josh Willingham, Alex Rios and Marlon Byrd all mentioned as players the brass has on their lists. The three seem realistic considering what the Yankees have to offer in return.

Until the current crew and anyone else they bring in perform at the level of expectations, it will be difficult for Betances and Robertson to work with anything but a fire pit and tightrope.

Christopher Carelli is a freelance sports writer/editor and the Director of Content Strategy for Sportsideo.