Saturday, May 10, 2014

SportsHi5: Powerful sports community micro-blogging mobile app

I'm going off the baseball path today to let you know about a sports micro-blogging mobile app that I had a large part in creating. It's called SportsHi5 and it's built for sports enthusiasts looking for a place to share their sports knowledge and gain exposure while eliminating the noise present in other social media networks.

SportsHi5, available in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store, is marketed to three distinct groups within the sports industry – fans, inexperienced sports bloggers and established sports bloggers/writers/websites.

SportsHi5 is fast, free (though we provide an in-app upgrade) and simple to use. For those who want to track their favorite sports, SportsHi5 eliminates the noise present in other social media networks. For others that enjoy the banter with other fans, SportsHi5 embodies it. And for those who aspire to be or who are already established sports bloggers/writers/website owners, SportsHi5 can help expand their audience.

Among the many features SportsHi5 provides its users:

Fast and Powerful:
  • Quickly create written content -  add photos, videos and links
  • Track your favorite sports based on your account selections
  • Schedule blog posts for advanced date/time
  • Manage multiple authors to write for your blog
  • Write for other blogs
  • Private messages
  • Group only posts
  • Give and receive comments for posts
Connect with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Audiences:
  • Automatically push your SportsHi5 posts to Facebook and Twitter (also Google+ on iOS)
  • Share information published by other users to your social networks
  • Finish a tweet with #SportsHi5 or #Sportsideo and it will push to your account stream
Special Features:
  • “My Locker” - View content streams of your favorite sports
  • “At the Game” – Interact with others at your current location – in the arena or at the ballpark
  • Search for content by sport, sport subject, account name and writer’s name
  • Receive notifications when outside of SportsHi5
  • Climb the SportsHi5 rankings by gaining Fans and receiving Hi5’s for your work
Upgrade to SportsHi5 ProWriter for just $1.99:
  • Manage 5 different blog accounts with multiple writers
  • Eliminate in-app advertising
  • Dictate your posts (Android only)
If you have any questions about the app, or issues/concerns after downloading it, feel free to contact me by email at

Christopher Carelli is a freelance sports writer/editor and the Director of Content Strategy for Sportsideo.