Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 MLB predictions to hang your hat on

It is that time of the year. Everyone is making predictions so here are mine.

First, I’ll supply a predicted order of finish and a short snippet about each division. If I believe the team will be one of the wild card participants it is noted with (WC) next to their name. Then I’ll provide my selections for American League Champ, National League Champ and the eventual World Series Champ. Lastly, I’ll take a stab at the individual end of year awards for each league.

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American League East
  1. Tampa Bay Rays
  2. New York Yankees (WC)
  3. Boston Red Sox (WC)
  4. Baltimore Orioles
  5. Toronto Blue Jays
Many suggest this is the best division in baseball. The top three here will all make the playoffs. Each team could win 82+ games.

American League Central
  1. Detroit Tigers
  2. Kansas City Royals
  3. Cleveland Indians
  4. Chicago White Sox
  5. Minnesota Twins
Detroit is loaded and primed for a big season. The Royals could edge out one of the AL East teams for a wild card spot.

American League West
  1. Oakland Athletics
  2. Texas Rangers
  3. Los Angeles Angels
  4. Seattle Mariners
  5. Houston Astros
The Rangers will be unable to completely overcome slow start and the Athletics stay consistently good throughout season.

American League Championship Series – Rays over Tigers

National League East
  1. Washington Nationals
  2. Atlanta Braves
  3. Philadelphia Phillies
  4. New York Mets
  5. Miami Marlins
The Nationals could win the division by 10-plus games ahead of a decimated Braves squad.

National League Central
  1. St. Louis Cardinals
  2. Pittsburgh Pirates (WC)
  3. Cincinnati Reds
  4. Milwaukee Brewers
  5. Chicago Cubs
The Cardinals prove once again to be an exceptional organization. The Pirates don’t miss a beat, but come up short in top heavy division, outlasting Reds for final wild card spot.

National League West
  1. Los Angeles Dodgers
  2. San Francisco Giants (WC)
  3. Arizona Diamondbacks
  4. San Diego Padres
  5. Colorado Rockies
The Dodgers go wire to wire, but the Giants make them work for the division title.

National League Championship Series  Dodgers over Cardinals

World Series Champion – Tampa Bay Rays – The Rays finally complete the ultimate goal by showing a remarkable ability to win with less.

AL MVPMike Trout
NL MVPYadier Molina

AL Cy YoungChris Sale
NL Cy YoungStephen Strasburg

AL Rookie of YearMasahiro Tanaka
NL Rookie of YearGregory Polanco

AL Manager of YearJoe Maddon
NL Manager of YearDon Mattingly

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