Monday, July 23, 2012

The Baseball Stance: Unfinished Business

It's been almost eight months since I have published a post on this site. I stopped writing here in an effort to reach more readers and work within groups of other aspiring writers hoping for the break to come and to learn from others.

Since the transition away from The Baseball Stance, I've worked with many talented people, grown as a writer and expanded my reach in the baseball media industry in the process. Now, I come full-circle, returning to this site while maintaining editorial/writer roles with's Yanks Go Yard and a new digital monthly baseball magazine, Big Leagues Monthly.

The purpose for the return is to complete unfinished business on the site. I hesitated to stop publishing here in the first place, but I felt it was best in order to become completely immersed in new projects. I am happy with the results. I am incredibly fortunate to have a platform to write and manage website content surrounding my favorite team, the New York Yankees, (you won't see anything on this site about them due to exclusivity rules). My newest endeavor with Big Leagues Monthly has the potential to be the next great baseball digital property.

Even with these rewarding responsibilities, I feel as though there is something missing. Here, on The Baseball Stance, I'm returning to the roots of my baseball writing; covering the angles others may not touch and providing analytical viewpoints of what's happening on and off the baseball diamond. This site affords me the ability to be in complete control of the content. No pressures from deadlines, topic selection or worrying about page views (though they matter and anyone who says otherwise may as well write their thoughts on napkins and toss them away). I enjoy editing and managing websites, but it sometimes takes away from the ability to concentrate on the writing.

So, please continue to follow my efforts on Yanks Go Yard (especially if you want to see what I have to say about the Yankees) and Big Leagues Monthly. Tabs with links to the sites are provided at the top of home page. My editorial roles with each site are important to my overall development in the baseball media industry and I have every intention of putting forth my best effort to continue the growth of each entity.

The material here will be intentionally short style posts, but will not lack opinion. Hopefully, readers will find the material worthy of a comment and discussions will ensue. But, in the end I will have one goal in mind for The Baseball Stance; growing Chris Carelli, the baseball writer. Unfinished business indeed.

A new baseball post will publish at today at 5:00 p.m. EST investigating whether the new MLB wild card structure is accomplishing its task. Please follow me on Twitter @Chris_Carelli.