Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sporting News: MLB's best bangs for the buck

MLB organizations strive to maintain balance between players of all salary levels when constructing rosters. Even for clubs swimming in cash, the goal is to find the best value based on the disparity of expected performance worth and competitive balance commitments for 25 players.

Using FanGraphs’ WAR values (fWAR) and the average annual value (AAV) of contracts for each player, we’ve zeroed in on which players have provided the best bang for the buck at each position, plus at designated hitter, starting pitcher and reliever through games played June 11.

Our investigation turned up five players on first-place clubs, a rookie delivering the best value, four first-round picks, eight players in or beyond their arbitration seasons, an average age of 24.9 and a total value to clubs that stretched beyond $231.6 million.

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