Friday, September 9, 2016

SNY: Yankees' minor league report: Sept. 9

The New York Yankees are in the midst of a surprising push in search of a postseason berth. Meanwhile, the organization's top five affiliates qualified for their league's postseason play.

Who knows if the Yankees will be able to clinch a playoff spot, but the excitement in New York has not been this high in a long time, and the main reason is the handful of prospects brought up after the trade deadline. Maybe more impressively, even with the call-ups, the Yankees have created one of the best farm systems in the game.

The point is, they should be able to continue to grow from within and/or utilize some prospects as trade assets to obtain major league players to fill needs this offseason.

This week we highlight the final regular season statistics for players listed as the Yankees' top prospects (and not on the major league club) by, along with the final regular season records from each affiliate. If a club is in the playoffs, we'll provide the status of their series.

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