Friday, August 12, 2016

SNY: Alex Rodriguez's 13-year roller coaster ride with Yankees

Photo credit: Keith Allison
Long before I began writing about baseball, Alex Rodriguez was traded to the New York Yankees and I faintly remember thinking they were ridiculously lucky he did not end up with the Boston Red Sox. Years of ups and downs, one World Series title and an embarrassing suspension make me wonder how lucky they truly were.

The failed deal to Boston, opened up the window for the Yankees to snag Rodriguez for Alfonso Soriano, and better yet, the Texas Rangers were going to chip in $67 million to help offset the remaining $179 million on A-Rod's 10-year, $252 million deal. The Yankees had just lost the 2003 World Series to the then Florida Marlins and Rodriguez was the new free agent toy for the free-spending Yanks.

Rodriguez was arguably the best hitter in the game and he would now be part of an impressive left side of the infield with the Yankees' tenured shortstop Derek Jeter, who was still in his prime. Rodriguez conceded that it was Jeter's team and quite honestly from that moment on, Rodriguez's persona became one of trying to do too much and it might have led him to decisions he will regret forever.

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