Tuesday, June 28, 2016

SNY: What might the Yankees look like after a sell-off?

At best, the New York Yankees have been a middling team through their first 75 games. There have been few highs mixed in with more lows than the team was compelled to believe would occur when the season began. The Yankees' performance has many clamoring for a sell-off, something virtually unheard of in the Steinbrenner Era.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman stated last week that he hoped the team's performance would steer him one way or the other over the coming weeks. The Yankees have not veered in one direction; instead, they have hovered around the .500 mark for several weeks now and there is little to suggest this will change.

Given the situation, a sell-off is a distinct possibility, so I decided I would entertain what the Yankees might look like in the aftermath of a full-blown unloading of the roster. There will be some assumptions made in this exercise. The first is that they will use a majority of their farm system to fill the voids. The second is that the Yankees might do some "buying" for the future at the same time. Finally, the object will be to inject more youth into the roster and clear the books of dead weight contracts.

Here are the players who conceivably could be packing their bags in a full sell-off before the trade deadline:

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