Tuesday, May 10, 2016

SNY: What if Yankees become sellers at deadline?

The New York Yankees began the season winning four of their first six games and recorded the same record over their last six games. What happened in between (4-14 record) was a complete mess and has some wondering if the Yankees will be able to recuperate.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is being asked questions in early May about whether or not he will be a seller at the trade deadline that is over two and a half months away. Imagine that, the Yankees being sellers instead of buyers (or standing pat), while others make a push for a postseason berth.

Personally, I believe it is a bit early for the Yankees to be concerning themselves with what-ifs, but if the club back peddles from their most recent string of success, they might not have much choice but to fill the minor league system by trading coveted veterans.

The Yankees have a few quality players that would bring back various sized packages if traded.

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