Thursday, July 14, 2011

MLB Second "Half" Begins Today

As we enter the second "half" of the season here are some comments on each team.
American League East
  • Baltimore Orioles - Buck could not have expected this...Orioles last in MLB in FIP at 4.53
  • Boston Red Sox - Lester and Bucholtz on DL and Beckett ailing could affect playoff chances
  • New York Yankees - Yankees' #2 starter = Bartolo Colon...Yikes!
  • Tampa Bay Rays - Evan Longoria resurgence alert, BABIP is .243 while career rate is .311
  • Toronto Blue Jays - No one to shut down games means many wasted Bautista HRs
American League Central
  • Chicago White Sox - Can Alex Rios and Adam Dunn find their way?
  • Cleveland Indians - Need a return of April/May magic to contend
  • Detroit Tigers - Verlander starts = Day off for Leyland
  • Kansas City Royals - OF surprisingly productive, bring on the young guns...current FIP = .443
  • Minnesota Twins - Put a Capp on it - Nathan's K/9 = 8.72 and Capps' K/9 = 4.89
American League West
  • Los Angeles Angels - Need some pop, rookie Trumbo leads team in HR with 17.
  • Oakland Athletics - Beane to review Moneyball movie?  Team OBP = .299
  • Seattle Mariners - Ichiro next to get Jeteresque "He's Done" treatment?  .270 BA, -0.1 WAR
  • Texas Rangers - No Cliff Lee savior this season, SP dooms them
National League East
  • Atlanta Braves - Can Kimbrel and Venters keep their arms attached?
  • Florida Marlins - Josh Johnson starts 9 games up to break = no shot
  • New York Mets - fire sale begins with K-Rod to Brewers, Beltran next...Wright too?
  • Philadelphia Phillies - Halladay, Lee, Hamels...good luck to everyone else
  • Washington Nationals - 2015 division champs?
National League Central
  • Chicago Cubs - The ivy still looks nice...
  • Cincinnati Reds - Expect more bad outings from Francisco Cordero, ERA = 2.95, FIP = 4.19
  • Houston Astros - Bud Norris, 9.08 K/9, ERA 3.46, FIP 3.42 = 5 Wins
  • Milwaukee Brewers - Nice rotation 1 through 3, Fielder and Braun can carry a team when hot
  • Pittsburgh Pirates - McCutchen, 25/25 possible = real deal...are Pirates?
  • St. Louis Cardinals - No Wainwright & Less Pujols = Tie for division lead
National League West
  • Arizona Diamondbacks - Justin Upton, on pace to top career highs in HR, R, SB, and RBI
  • Colorado Rockies - Helton renaissance, .894 OPS
  • Los Angeles Dodgers - Financial woes overshadowing Kemp's monster season
  • San Diego Padres - Collective gasp from Padres' brass when Bell slid into mound at ASG
  • San Francisco Giants - Next best rotation after Phillies and healthy pen
I'm not really going out on a limb here, but the combination of the best 1-2-3 rotation in the game and home field advantage brings the World Series trophy back to Philadelphia.

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