Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cashman Whining?

Why is Brian Cashman whining about Pedro Feliciano's workload while with the Mets?  While it may be true he was overused, playing 266 games the last three seasons alone, it actually sounds like the Mets were the smart ones when they decided to pass on re-signing him.  Although I agree that there are not many quality lefty relievers, Cashman chose this one.  It seems absurb that Cashman comments on Feliciano's "abuse" at the hands of the Mets the moment Feliciano opened the season on the DL.  He knew full well what he was getting into.


  1. I like that he stuck up for himself with the Soriano signing, but at least he wasn't bashing anyone. He agreed Soriano made the team better, but he didn't think it was worth the draft pick compensation. And that was that. But, telling Jeter to go test the market (even though he had a point that there was no one willing to pay what the Yankees initially offered) was unnecessary in my opinion.

  2. Given the lack of starting talent in the spread-to-thin major leagues, I would argue most relievers are "abused". Chris, what are the numbers as they relate to starters going past 6-7 innings?

  3. Paul, in 2009 starters lasted an average of 5.81 innings and in 2010 they lasted 5.98 innings. I don't see a stat readily available that records how many total starts were made that lasted say 7 innings or more. But, in 2010, I can tell you that 85 out of 307 (27.6%) pitchers who started a game averaged 6 IP/S, 31 averaged 6.5 IP/S and 5 averaged 7 or more IP/S. Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee were tops at 7.6 IP/S. The rest of the Phillies rotation, Oswalt (6.6) and Hamels (6.3) Blanton (6.2) are above league average. I bet the Phillies pen is very rested come playoff time...